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Related post: Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 09:01:24 -0800 From: Mike H Subject: Reflections on Things Past, Part 5 My partner and I enjoy a regular dose of stories on the Nifty Archive and I decided to share with you, dear readers, some of the highlights of our erotic life together. I have changed some of the teen porn asf names to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. I left off at the end of the last chapter saying goodbye at the airport to my best friend from college after our 35th year reunion. The sad part about our parting was that he did not tell us that he wanted to get his virgin teen lesbian porn ass into our bed until we were on the way to the airport.TEACHING BOB MANSEX After Bob headed home to the midwest I decided to keep in regular communication with him. I wanted to keep his interest up in returning for another visit that would be devoted to sex and I wanted to educate him a bit before we saw him again. He lived in a small town and it was clear that he did not know that much about what men could do for each other beyond the fact that we sucked cock and fucked butt. In the following weeks I sent Bob hot photos off the net, copies of my favorite sex magazines and letters describing what Dave and I were doing with each other. Following is one of the letters I sent teen porn drunk rape to him: ***********************************Dear Bob, Last weekend I had four days in Idaho at the ranch...a mixture of business and pleasure. young teen porn girs There was close to three feet of snow on the ground, pure powder, which made snowmoobiling difficult, but we went close to twenty miles one day and it was fun. We had the entire forest teen ejaculation porn to ourselves. The temperature got down to ten degrees but since it was so dry it hardly felt cold, except when you were in the wind on the snowmobile. This week there is a hint of spring in the air here. The teen live porn com bulbs free teen porn tv are sprouting, the heather is beginning to bloom, and there asisn teen porn is a sign of growth in some of the trees. Best yet, the sun is showing itself. Today was beautiful. There is something about the good weather and the days getting longer that makes a guy horny. This morning while we were having coffee in bead, Dave slid over and went down on me. I was hard as a spike teen tryounts 48 porn sapphic teen porn in seconds. I have never come from oral sex, but he got me mighty close. When I was panting he rolled over on his side with his back to me spoon fashion. I can take a hint, and spit on my dick and shoved the head of it slowly up his ass. "I'll just stick it in a little way, " I said. I had to withdraw a few times and apply more spit, orgies interracial teen porn but was soon all the way in and it felt damn good. I asked Dave to start jacking himself, but he rolled over on his stomach, me still connected in him, and said, "Do me this way." He did not have to ask me twice. Fucking a man who is flat on his stomach is the absolute best as far as I am free porn teen moive concerned. I love the feel of his butt against my groin when my cock is buried to the hilt. I got out the lube, applied some to Dave's ass and my cock, and plunged in. We had one of the best fucks I have anime porn teen girls had for a long time. Dave opened up and it felt like my cock and balls were going to get swallowed in his ass. I went real slow, lifting up so I could watch my cock slide in him. After about twenty minutes I came all over his sex positions for teens back. We rested a while, had a shower and a good breakfast, and spent the morning doing office work. Dave went off to do some shopping around eleven teen anal virgins o'clock, and while he was gone I would interrupt accounting to print some hot shots from the Internets, which are enclosed. There are some very hot men into mansex. It helps to have two computers...while the pictures were downloading and printing I could do accounting. After lunch we worked in the yard. While I was working I spent most of my time fantasizing about sex...what I was teen boy gay porn going to do with Dave later in the day and what we would do with you when you teen boy porn model visit. I am an ass man. I love to eat it; I love to fuck it; and I love to get fucked and have my ass/prostate massaged. You and nudes teen I like to eat pussy, and eating ass is a lot better. It is cleaner and you don't get that fish taste. I love getting Dave hot and loose with my tongue before I fuck him. Most of my fantasies were about rimming and tongue-fucking both of your butts. Around three o'clock Dave was ready to knock off work. When we came in for a shower he said he would like to get an enema. I already had the lube and enema bulb out. Men think alike after seventeen years teen porn pitchers together! He knelt on the floor with his butt in the air and shoulders on the floor. I lubed the nozzle of the enema bulb and gently slipped it it up his ass. Getting a man prepared for sex is a very erotic activity in itself, and I am getting half hard writing about it. After we showered Dave got on the massage table, which was set up in the TV room off the master moms fuck teens bedroom. Usually Dave wants the blinds down for privacy, although there are no neighbors within sight. This sunny afternoon we left the blinds up. I proceeded to give Dave a good massage from head to toe. We have some new oil that has a wonderful scent...Crabtree & Evelyn's "Relaxation". 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I knelt on the floor and licked up the crack of his ass, licked has big shaved ball sack and gave it some gentle bites, pulling on the scrotum with my teeth. "Fuck, that feels good," he gasped. teens sex clips His hole was opening of its own accord and I gently licked around the edges with my tongue causing him to open more and I slid the point of my tongue into him. I stood, " I think you are ready for some cock. Roll over on your stomach." I helped him move back up the table so that teen hannah porn he could roll over. teen blowjobs I climbed on the teen sex videos free table, keeping my self raised above him so that our bodies were hardly touching. I let myself down so asian teen sex porn that the tip of my cock touched his asscrack and stated poking gently, searching for the target. Finally Dave couldn't stand it any longer and he reached back, took my cock and placed the tip at his asshole. "Do me" was all he said in a choked up voice. I started the fuck but after 15 minutes or so I started to loose my hard on. I am rarely a twice-a-day boy at age 56. I got off the table and took Dave's favorite dildo and gently inserted it up his butt. He asked me to massage his ass cheeks and I was glad to obey. As I kneaded his butt cheeks I gently pulled on the dildo, exposing his anal ring and I massaged his anus by circling the dildo with my finger. "Oh fuck, what are you doing to me," he cried in pleasure. His continued howling while I ran my finger around his anus. This got me hot and hard again so I climbed on the table and fucked him some more. It was about time to get him off, so I turned him over, reinserted the dildo up his but, applied some more Mens Cream to his cock and started a very slow jack off. After about 20 minutes of hot cock work, varying many of the strokes we learned at Body Electric, Dave let loose with a flood of cum, howling with pleasure. "Stop stroking my dick, I can't stand it any more," I just held on a squeezed up his cock and a surprising amount of cum came out of him. I bent over and started spreading the cum over his abs and chest with my tongue. It was sweet and I love the aftertaste. "So, how was that, guy?" "You do me good, Mike." After letting him rest a few minutes I helped Dave off the table, we took a shower and then a hot tub together and spent an hour in each other's arms, teen porn girls galleries naked in bed. teen free webcam porn Bob, we both wish you had been here!!! young teen porn blog nude teen mastubating busty teen sex gay teen porn galleries My best, Mike ************************************* We finally hooked up with Bob kara teen porn in Chicago the new teen porn forum following spring. But before we get down to sex, let me tell you a bit more about him. I first met Bob when I walked in to my freshman dorm room. We had been assigned as roommates (at Stanford you cannot join a fraternity until your second year). We were very different. I had let a fairly sheltered life and was a virgin. Bob had been fucking since junior high school and had great pride in his cock. Al least he talked about its size and exploits a lot, but I never got to see it. When I challenged him to prove his claims of size one night he showed me a large object under his blanket. I told him he was faking it...it couldn't be his cock. He challenged me to feel it. I did. He was telling the truth. Bob told me a lot of stories about his high school experiences...circle jerks with his classmates, contests to see who could shoot farthest, which he usually won, contests for teen links porn who had the biggest cock, which he always won, trips to the whorehouse in Peoria, and a couple of his buddies who sucked each other off when they were in jail. Bob free lao teen xxx had a wonderful imitation of twins teen lesbian porn one of the guys saying, "It's ok to suck dick if it's your buddy's." I only had a flicker of a thought of sucking Bob's cock at that time in my life. Bob ended up marrying his high school sweetheart and after 25 years of marriage he got a divorce. At the time of our reunion in 1998 he had been living with a woman for several years but was having a lousy sex life. He wanted to get in bed with Dave and I because he was plain horny. We hooked up with Bob in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend in 1999. We saw him approach our hotel from the window far above the street and could see that he was limping. It turned out that he had hurt his back the day before moving some heavy equipment. That slowed us down, but it did not stop us.....Bob's horniness overcame the back pain. Before we took our clothes off we went to dinner. At dinner Bob told us, " ebony teen whore porn I am really hot to get in bet with you guys but I've got to confess that I am more than a little bit scared." "Hey, we have been through this too. It is always scary the first time, but we will go slow and we will only do what you are comfortable doing," I answered. "We both like to do everything and whatever you want is what we want, " Dave added. I could tell Bob was still nervous and he had three glasses of wine at dinner. I had none, commenting when Bob ordered his third glass, "At none nude teen porn our age I have discovered that booze and sex do not mix. I used to tight teen pussy porn be able to drink and have sex but not anymore." Bob answered, "Yah, but you are not as nervous as I am." When we got back to the hotel Bob pulled half a dozen candles from his bag, "I want some romance with my first time." Once he got the candles lit, Dave and I took Bob in our arms and holding him in a group hug I told him, "We are at your service and whatever you ask for the answer is 'yes'. Let's undress you first." Dave and I started to undress Bob slowly, one article of clothing at a time, stroking his body as the skin was exposed. He started moaning when we slid his pants and then his boxers down. We took turns gently massaging his balls and thickening cock. It was beautiful. The most remarkable thing about it besides its size was its head...much larger than the shaft and it looked like a helmet. In fact Dave and Bob looked like teen porn nude father and son in the cock department. After we got Bob's clothes off we shucked ours in a hurry teen gay porn slovakia and hit the bed. Bob and Dave teen anal fucking were like little kids in a candy store. Dave go on top of Bob and held their cocks together, stroking them and smearing the precum over the heads of their cocks. Both men looked magnificent together, similar body types, similar teen porn project cocks, like father and son with their large, flaring cockheads dripping juice. Bob was teen slut tgp not ready for kissing and sucking cock yet. At one point I sat on his chest and touched his lips with the tip of my cock, but he said, "I am not ready for that yet." I slapped both of his cheeks black teen porn hot teen babysitter porn with my hard dick and male teen porn photos said, "You will be hungry for it soon enough." We ended up in a mutual jack off and cock worship session sarah teen porn be because free lisbian teen porn Bob gave up trying to get a condom over teen porn sexy pic the head of his cock. If he hadn't had as much wine he might have been up to the task. Even though we are all free-of-disease, we did not youong teen porn want to get him started bare backing with his first manfuck. That was a fruit best left untasted. We knew Bob would be in better shape in the morning and he was. The next morning we had breakfast in bed and then Dave and I took showers and douched. We both wanted Bob's cock up our butts and I always follow the Boy Scout's motto, "Be Prepared." Dave was the lucky one that morning. When we walked back into the bedroom Bob was naked on the bed and his huge cock was hard. It did not take a lot of preliminaries before he wanted to get to the main course. " I know you want to fuck, Bob, and both of us are hot for it. You pick who gets it the first time." "I would like to fuck your boyfriend's ass, Mike, if that is ok with you," Bob answered. "Do you think you can take it Dave?" I asked, stroking Dave's butt. "I would like to try" "Bob, with your bad back you had better stand on the floor and Dave can kneel at the teen porn cherry edge of the bed," I free teen hardcore porn suggested. free hardcore teen porn Dave got in position and this time Bob had no trouble getting the condom on, although it was a real stretch getting it over the head of his dick. I figured Bob's cock was more than gay teen porn hardcore twice as thick as mine and my cock had been the only one up Dave's ass since 1981. Dave did not like free teen porn vedeos big dildos or more than one finger up his ass, so this was teen titan porn trailers going to be fun to watch! "Bob, you have to open him up before you try to homemade teen porn galleries stick that baseball bat up his butt. Let me show you," I said. I got the lube and put a fair amount on my middle and teen sex cams index tiny teen anal fingers and dribbled some directly on Dave's ass crack. "Give him one finger first like this. When you get it in, gently twist it and when he starts opening up try two fingers." Dave started moaning. "I can feel him opening up so he can take two fingers. Here you try xanga teen porn it, " I said to Bob and handed him some lube. teen girls porn video He followed my example. His hands are a lot bigger than mine and when he inserted the first digit up Dave's ass Dave let out a grunt of pleasure. "I think he is ready to take it," I site collegethumbscom teen porn said. I stood at the edge of the bed stroking both of their bodies as Bob's well-lubed cock popped through Dave's anal ring. horse and teen porn "Oh fuck," Dave almost screamed, pain etching his face and his head flying back as soon as Bob's cock head popped in his ass. "I don't think I can take it...don't move Bob...easy, easy." Dave was panting and Bob froze in position. Then he gently started to push in and out and Dave's body started to relax. After a exposed teen porn few minutes of very slow strokes Dave started to warm up, moaning quietly. Damn, it was beautiful. I had never seen anything this teen asian porn free big go up my lover's ass and one of the best friends in my life desi porn teen was getting his first man fuck. They both started to take off together. Dave started moaning loudly, "Fuck me, fuck me, Bob" and as Bob picked up his pace he looked down at his cock as it was pistoning in and out of Dave's ass and he said in almost a growl, "Jesus Christ it feels good. Look at that cock go up his ass." He grabbed Dave's hips and started pounding into him, " Fuck, fuck, fuck its tight. Its the best piece of ass I have ever had. No wonder you like sample young teen porn this stuff so much Mike." They both became drenched in sweat as the fuck progressed, growing in power. creampie teen porn Sweat poured down Bob's hairy chest and stomach onto Dave's butt, which made a slapping noise as Bob hammered to orgasm. I knew I was no longer in the room as far as they were concerned. They both were overcome by animal fuck lust. Dave started to shoot on the bed, "I'm cumming, dear God I'm cumming." As he shot, Bob let out a howl, grabbing Dave's hips and planting his cock deep in his ass as xxx teen porn cams he shot his load. I still get a boner when I visualize that moment. After Bob and Dave blew their loads and caught their breath chance teen porn Dave went to the bathroom to shower. Bob was sitting on the edge of the big with a big smile on his face and I said, "It's my turn." He was all fucked out but still hot for sex play. I came up to Bob with one of his knees between my legs and I rubbed my hard cock through his chest hair and across his right nipple. I got swedish porn teen some more lube for my cock, had Bob put on a vinyl glove and I lubed his index finger. "Could you massage my prostate for me?" I asked. raped teen porn Bob looked at me a little funny and asked, "How do I do that?" "Gently shove your finger up my butt and you will feel my prostate right behind my cock...it feels like a hard lump." He followed my instructions. "Yah, you got it. Damn that feels good," I said as I stroked my cock. His leg felt good between my legs. I didn't want to come too fast but I couldn't hold back...with the feel of his finger rubbing my prostate and the feel of my cock as I rubbed it in his chest hair as I stroked I lost it. With a grunt, one of the strongest orgasms in a long time took over my body and my cum shot all over his chest. I collapsed against Bob. When I was able to get back on my feet Bob looked teen chubby porn into my eyes and said, "I haven't had this much fun in a long time." "You gay underage teen porn ain't seen nothing yet buddy," I answered. We were sorry to see Bob go. We had barely scratched the pussy teen sex surface of what men can do for each other. He had not discovered kissing, sucking cock or the pleasure his butt could give him. That would be for next time. Before we knew teens masturbating porn galleries it a year had rolled by and we decided to make another train trip to Chicago over the July 4th weekend. Bob was to meet us at the hotel for dinner. The train got in on time (around 5:00pm) but Bob was a bit late as usual. We decided to order dinner for three in our room and just after it was rolled in, the phone rang and Bob was downstairs. We were already in our jockeys and Bob stripped porn horse teen movies down to his boxers and joined us for dinner. Of course we had a few gropes before and during dinner, but after playing with hard cocks we knew we needed some for for energy. We were going porn starfire teen titans to need it. asian teen porn star After dinner we pushed the table away, stood up and slipped Bobs boxers off his hips, Dave went to his knees and started free young teen ******** sucking Bob's cock. As Bob got into it he started moaning, cussing, "Fuck, your lover is a good cocksucker, Mike." I knelt behind Bob spread his asscheeks and licked across his rosebud. This time I wanted to introduce Bob to the pleasures his butt could give him. He put one hand behind him and pressed my head into his crack and one hand in front of him and pressed Dave's mouth onto his cock. We were all in heat and decided to move to the bed. I soon discovered that since we last met Bob had lost all of his inhibitions about kissing and sucking cock. He and Dave got in a 69 position with Bob kneeling over Dave. I got behind him and continued to tongue-fuck his ass and then started to massage his hole with my thumb and index finger. When I penetrated him and found his prostate, Bob started groaning and fucking himself against my finger. After that everything became a blur of lust and gay black teen sex. Bob and Dave are teen porn series cock worshipers and they both have big cocks to worship. Better late than never. It was a thrill to show my best friend from college what we could have done for each other when we were in our late teens. We all came and lay exhausted on the bed. Bob leaned up on one elbow, playing with my now limp cock and said, "That is some of the best sex I have had in my whole life. I had no idea men could have that much fun with each other." "It was fun for us too, guy. xxx porn teen boys I wish free teen gothic porn we lived closer so that we did not have to come half way across the sexy teen lesbian porn country search teen porn to get in bed with you," I said. "That goes for me too," said Dave. "Any time you want to visit us we are ready for another round." Bob called us when we got home and said he was still daydreaming about some of the things we had done with teen tryouts xxx porn him. He especially enjoyed it when Dave went to the bathroom while Bob was shaving, knelt on the floor with no comment and sucked his cock as he continued to shave. That was young teen cartoon porn a great way to teen twins porn start the day after our sex session the night before. *************************************** It will gay teen porn star be a while before I get the next chapter out. Age 50 to 60 was the best decade of my life in every respect...the best professionally, in recreation (lots of world travel, the discovery of SCUBA diving in teen titans terra porn the Caribbean, Thailand and Malaysia), in life with my lover in general and last but not least, the best sexually. It was not until my 50s that I discovered my full potential for pleasure, that I learned we could share sex with other men and not threaten our relationship, and that I learned the art of giving other men pleasure. I often thought, "I wish I had figured this out 15 years teen thumbnails porn free earlier." Turning 60 was a bit depressing, but the depression was alleviated by a succession of hot men that gave my ego and libido a boost. Maybe this decade was not going to be so bad after teen porn gone wild all! But that story is for the next chapter. mature vs teen teen cheerleader porn lesibanes Mike
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